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The Walnut Tree


Abdul Majid Zikria

Abdul Majid Zikria

was born in the year 1962 in Kabul, Afghanistan.  He came to the United States of America in April of 1979 at the age of 17 after the communist coup in Afghanistan. His father, a prominent diplomat, was taken away by the communist regime in the month of August 1979, never to be heard from again.

Abdul Majid Zikria had to work hard to support his family and continue his education. He attended American University of Washington D.C., and received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1987. Later, he obtained a Master’s degree in International Business from Southwest University.

He held many jobs in various defense contracting companies in the U.S. Following the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and the establishment of a new government, he returned to his home country after twenty five years. In 2003, Abdul Majid was offered a position in Afghanistan to establish and operate an ID card system for the Afghan National Police.  

Managing this project gave Abdul Majid the opportunity to travel to many areas of Afghanistan. In 2010 he founded his own IT services company, Vekti. During this time, he traveled back and forth between Afghanistan and Dubai where his family resided. Abdul Majid is a loving and family-oriented father and grandfather with two daughters and a son.

Abdul Majid lost his father, his role model and biggest inspiration in life, at the age of 17 during the communist regime in Afghanistan. He feels for and relates to thousands of other Afghans who were in similar situations and lost loved ones as a result of the Soviet invasion. His passion from adolescence was to write a book about the ramifications of the Soviet invasion on the life of innocent Afghans. He was able to effectively portray this in his book, The Walnut Tree.


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